Party Next Door


You know, I’ve had this mixtape for about 3 and a bit months now and I’m only writing about it now.
Honestly this is robably the best mixtape I have at the moment in terms of the quality of all the tracks and how good the tunes are.
At first I only liked the mixtape based on the fact that it had that trapesque. Sound I was looking for at the time but, everytime I play this it gets better and better.

The style of Party Next Door is like a cross between Drake in terms of similar song structures with rap & sung segments on most tracks (one track features Drake also) mixed with lyrics and emotional content remeniscent of The Weeknd in that most tracks are about sex & getting faded…. yeah, id say that, Drake & The Weekend crossed.

In my opinion “party combines the best in terms of lyrics, sound and delivery of the two and produces top quality and original material.

Its difficult to say whether he is influenced by Drake or Drake is influenced by him as his style has a very similar sound but, at times there are things he does and that are in his tracks that you will hear from/on a Drake track that are totally in the Party.

My favourite tracks by far are : “right now” and “wus good/curious” these are mega modern R&B and Rap tracks.

Like I’ve said before, there was this eriod where there were no real deep R&B artists but a lot of pop/R&B cross over style artists which left us with the older dons like R.Kelly & JOE. But this mixtape proes that there is a re-birth of deep artists that have the same spirit of the older R&B guys and know how to make music for those of us that just can’t take the poppy commercial stuff that artists have been putting out.

Anyway, check out “Party Next Door” here Party Next Door