Jhene Aiko – Sailing Souls


Yeah so, scouring Mixtape Monkey for R&B mixtapes (not very many actually) and this was on the last page.
The artwork is okay but nothing too interesting, so thank God for the track preview layer cause this thing has some tunes on it still.

I was initially impressed by the features on the project as they are quite high profile artists like Gucci Mayne, Miguel and Drake (a very young Drake I might add).
Despite the features though, I wasn’t bowled over by any of the tracks till No.5 “My Mine”, which doesn’t feature anyone but Jhene herself and man, its a tune! I’m bumpin it as I write this in draft on the underground till I get some signal to post (this stop a mile end isn’t long enough 😦

Anyway, solid female vocals, not trying to be anyone else like I think most other female R&B artists are doing at the moment sadly. I think the male R&B artists are really smashing it now especially as (not wanting to give too much credit too but) Drake has made the Rap/R&B crossover style popular over heavily R&B influenced trap beats, which has become almost an accepted standard for many new artists looking to have a similar influence on the scene and even by some of the more Hip-Hop purists who may have found more traditional R&B artists a little too soft.

Anyway, get the mixtape Here from Mixtape Monkey and give it a play through.


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