Tory Lanez – Conflicts Of My Soul

Toronto born, Austin based Tory Lanez killed it with this mixtape.
A good mix of Trap style Rap, Hip-Hop & R&B tracks.
I can hear influences in his music from a range of artists including Drake, Mobb Deep & Ginuwine.

There are a number of very good tracks on the project that I’ve had on repeat for at least half a day; the main one being, ‘Up fell in Love’, which was produced by ‘The Mekanics’ who are a pair of producers that are killing it right now abd have produced for loads of big names. If you don’t know, get to…

To sum up, good production and beats pretty much all round with at least 6 tracks you won’t skip and the tracks mix into each other with well constructed out and intros that bring the production values way way up in my opinion. Vocals are well delivered but, be warned that Lanez uses auto tune quite a lot and it is obvious on most tracks especially the more R&B ones but, that said, lends to the style of his sound so doesn’t really bother me but it may some who don’t like auto tune.

The project is also a concept album (as it wer) based around Tory’s antics with his boys and a relationship he is having with a girl who is already in a relationship. Parts of the story play out throughout the mix tape in the form of in and outtros and interludes.

I downloaded the mixtape Here from Mixtape Monkey which is where I tend to get all my mixtapes from these days. So go get it and play it.

Here is Tory’s Soundcloud if you don’t feel like downloading the mixtape.


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